Lanscaping services

Naoux Paysagiste - terracing


  • Spring and autumn cleaning or regular maintenance
  • Mowing
  • Treatment
  • Hedge and fruit-tree pruning
  • Weeding
Naoux Paysagiste - steps


  • Felling of all types of tree
  • Pruning of all types of tree (also using mobile work platform)
Naoux Paysagiste - gabion

    Automatic watering

    • Automatic watering services
    • Installation of a complete, efficient system
    Naoux Paysagiste - artificial lawn

    Pools, hot tubs and ponds (relaxation areas)

    • Concrete and wooden pools
    • Fountain, water jet or waterfall
    Naoux Paysagiste - exterior planning


    • Wide selection of conifers and large trees
    • Shrubs and ground cover
    • Beds of perennials
    • Hedges
    Naoux Paysagiste - fencing


      • Excavator works
      • We carry out all types of terracing and digging work.
      Naoux Paysagiste - wood

      The wonder of wood

      • Garden furniture
      • Fences, etc...
      Naoux Paysagiste - play area


      • Concrete, stone or wood
      Naoux Paysagiste - concrete


        • Gabion wall
        • Entrance or retaining walls
        Naoux Paysagiste - gateway

        Artificial lawn

        • Replacement paving
        Naoux Paysagiste - maintenance


        • Regular maintenance or lawn laying
        • Lawn care
        Naoux Paysagiste - design

          Exterior planning

          • Designs
          Naoux Paysagiste - chain link

          Fencing - screens

          • Traditional chain link, galvanised or plasticised
          • Wooden fence with appropriate gate
          Naoux Paysagiste - construction

          Play areas

          • Play-area construction